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web design

Designs of websites and blogs, redesigns, social integrations, ecommerce stores, donation platforms, etc

hosting and domains

Web hostings and domain names research and purchase, SSL, custom domain emails, cpanel, etc

graphics design

All forms of business and personal branding - logo, posters, fliers including eBooks, brochures and magazines.

design trainings

One - on - one online trainings in graphics and web designs. Access to premium training materials.

Blog redesigning was amazing

Damola helped re-design my website. I remember the time he looked through my website and presented a number of recommendations, changes he knew would make it better. I could barely recognize my website few days into his work. Damola knows the little things that matter! (Absolutely) and he made me realize their importance. He designed my logo as both simple and precise. I as well loved the website colors. He asked my color preference and I told him purple. I love the different intensities of purple color he used. My website has a better structure now with improved navigation. Good work Damola.

Very nice to work with

Damola was always available when I needed his guidance on the design of my website. A professional myself, I consider attention to details important, an area Damola is good at. He is good at troubleshooting website issues as well. He always gave invaluable tips and tricks. He has excellent interpersonal skills.

Blog redesigning was amazing.

Damola did a great job re-designing my blog. I’ve had several people reach me in the last couple of days, commenting on how great my blog looked. I also loved the attention to details that he gave to the blog. He helped with restructuring and I must confess, he was easy to work with, and patient too. Well-done Damola!

We are known for our skillfulness in digital art - contact us for all your web and graphics needs. We are known for our skillfulness in digital art - contact us for all your web and graphics needs.

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