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This tutorial is about a free online image resizer, Image resizer. It is a powerful online tool to crop, resize, reduce image size, etc Follow the guideline below to take advantage of the tool.


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Step 1 – Select image

  • This supports the majority of common image formats out there – jpeg, png, etc


Step 2 – Crop Image

  • The crop feature is useful if some parts of the image is not desirable, or unwanted


Step 3 – Resize Image

  • The resize feature is suitable for enlarging images at a proportion, distorting images.
  • Choose your desired WIDTH and LENGTH
  • Uncheck the Lock aspect ration checkbox if you need to
  • Choose a fill mode – center to retain image proportion, stretch to stretch and distort image.


Step 4 – Save Image

  • Choose your desired image output e.g. jpeg, png, etc.
  • Choose a percentage quality, you can reduce image size here. Don’t choose too low else, the image would go blur!
  • Rename your image, if you need to
  • Click Save image to preview your edits


FAQs – Redketchup has included below the page, tools to achieve other online editing.


Step 5 – Preview and Download

  • Preview your image to ensure its exactly how you want it.
  • Check the image dimension, format, quality, size.
  • You can now download your image.



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