Feature Images for Blog Posts

Feature Images for Blog Posts

Feature images are vital for blog posts and articles, they do the work of capturing readers attention reading an article, they as well are indexed by search engines and social media when the article is shared. Hence, attention must be paid to making sure featured images of articles are of optimal length and breath, also of the right size (in kilobytes/megabytes).

try to determine accepted size of featured images for your website theme and model them


1. Find and download relevant images

Stock images, available to everyone and subject to frequent use, are yet a good choice for featured images of articles/posts as the can be downloaded in needed sizes. There are a number of stock image websites available on the internet. Search your preferred keyword, identify the most appropriate image for your article and download the file.



2. Edit the image file

I would advice you edit all your proposed featured image as in their raw form, they may be of large file size, of inappropriate length and breath, too bright, etc Follow this guide on use of online image editing tools to edit your image files.

  1. Is the image of desired length and breath?
  2. Do you need to reduce the brightness by darkening the image?
  3. Any need to crop out a part of the image?

When you are done editing, save the edited file to your computer.



3. Upload and optimize image for SEO

Upload the image using the article name as the file name and update the Alt Text, Title, Caption and Description. These are details for search engines to pick up for indexing the image.




4. Set as Featured Image

Click the Set featured image link on the right hand box of article editors.



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